All About Australorp Chickens: Everything You Need to Know

Australorp Chicken Breed

Australorps is a breed made famous in the early 1920s due to a large number of eggs they produce annually. Before the breed officially got its name, breeders struggled to differentiate them from Orpingtons.

Australorp Overview
Skill LevelBeginner Friendly
Recognized VarietiesBlue, Black, White
Eggs Production (annual)250 on average
Egg Color(s) PossibleLight Brown, Brown
Egg SizeLarge
PurposeDual purpose, eggs, and meat. 
Average Weight7 – 9 pounds
TemperamentHardy and Docile
Australorp Chicken Breed Information Table

History of Breed

Country of Origin of the Australorp

The Australorp originated in Australia in the early 1900s with the purpose of creating a dual purpose bird.

What Year Was the Australorp Bred

The Australorp breed was created well before it officially got its name. The first use of the name Australorp was in the early 1920s.

This name given was to pay tribute to the origin country of of which the breed was created, Australia, and also to Orpingtons from which the breed was created.

Temperament and Personality

Australorps tend to be tame and mild. They are less noisy than other breeds, are suitable for urban environments, but are rather large and require adequate space.

Breed Standard

Australorp Eye Color

Australorp’s should have a dark brown eye color.

Australorp Color

There is only recognized color of Australorp by the American Poultry Association and that is Black. However, there are other color varieties such as blue and white.

How Much Do Australorps Weigh

The average weight of an Australorp is between 5 to 9 pounds..

  • Male: Large: 7-9lbs
    Bantam: 2-2.7 lbs
  • Female:Large: 5–7 lbs
    Bantam: 1.5–2.5 lbs

Egg Laying and Broodiness

How many eggs per year do an Australorp produce?

An Australorp will produce about 250 eggs each year during it’s peak performance.


Australorps will occasionally enter a broody phase. However, Australorps are not reliable enough to sit on eggs until they hatch.



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