Unusual Facts About Chickens You Might Not Know

Facts About Chickens

I wondered how many chicken facts we could cram into one post, well here it is 46 facts about chickens that you might not know about chickens. In case you knew all of these tell us a fact we didn’t mention in the comments below. Let’s just jump right into it.

Where Do Chickens Come From?

Chickens where first domesticated between 5,400-8,000 years ago. Studies have shown that the original origins of the chicken are in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia, however, the chicken that is commonly found today seems to have originated in Ancient India which then spread to the Asia Minor, and Greece by the turn of the 5th century BC.

Do Chickens Have Earlobes?

A chicken does have earlobes; in fact, their earlobes inform the color of the egg. Check this in your free time, those chicken with red ear lobes produce brown eggs while those with white ear lobes lay white eggs.

Can Chickens Do Math?

Chicken can do math, a study discovered that hens can add and subtract with numbers smaller than five.

Chicken Math

Do Chickens Mourn Their Dead?

While no scientific evidence, that I could find indicates that chickens mourn a death in the flock, it can be observed obvious behavior changes in them which could indicate mourning.

Do Chickens Dream?

Chickens can dream in detail and in color. Chickens reach REM sleep which is when dreams occur, although it’s only very brief compared to humans.

Do Chicken Shed Feathers?

They shed feathers when stressed. If you have chickens for pets, then you might have noticed that they react to stress just like some humans do. They shed their feathers. If you have seen this, take action, not a psych evaluation, though.

How Many Chickens Are In The World?

Their population is in billions. This probably doesn’t move you, but you should note that they are more than humans in numbers. In fact, their population is in 20 billion now. This is three times the population of humans. 

Do Chickens See Well?

Chickens have superior vision ability to humans. This is another statistic that these creatures better humans at. While human beings have three cones in their eyes to distinguish red, blue and green colours, chickens have extra two cones to see ultraviolet and violet hues. Scientists say that this is the reason why they are able to wake earlier than humans. They can see sunrise hours before humans can. If this is the reason why they crow or see an eagle miles away, you can look that up.

How Did They Headless Chicken Die?

Miracle mike (the headless chicken) died from chocking. This is crazy. Have you ever seen a headless chicken? Well, there existed one which the owner fed it using a dropper through the trachea. It was concluded that the reason the chicken survived for 18 months is that its brainstem remained intact and the blood clot helped it not to lose blood to death.

Can Chickens Reject Sperm?

They can eject a sperm. Animals are given a unique ability to choose their mates. They can decide which male or female partner they want. This is more of a female’s area. So, with hens, they can get a little unlucky, notably if they cannot outrun the rooster. Research shows that if a chicken does not want to be fertilised by a particular rooster, it can eject its sperm to halt the fertilisation process. Do chickens get unwanted chicks too? That is definitely worth looking it up.

Can Chickens Swim?

Chickens can swim. Ducks swim swiftly in deep and shallow waters. Chickens, on the other hand, difficulties, gliding seamlessly as their feathery neighbours do. However, they can swim especially is it is to escape danger.

Can Chickens Fly?

Chickens can fly. It is recorded that the highest a chicken has ever flown was 301 feet above the ground. This flight, however, lasted for only 13 seconds. Scrap the time, and the fact remains that these creatures are capable of jumping to catch a locust in flight.

What Is Permanence?

It takes chicks two days to exhibit object permanence (the state or quality of lasting or remaining unchanged indefinitely.). Do you know how long it takes your offspring since birth to develop this ability? This concept in children appears at seven months. Chicks are geniuses!

Do Chickens Have Taste Buds?

Chickens have taste buds. Chickens can taste the saltiness in food. This can be done with its 350 taste buds. On the other hand, human beings have 8,000 to 10,000 taste buds. If you compared the two, the chickens’ becomes just a mere statistic, but at least they have them and can taste something.

How Many Eggs Can a Chicken Lay?

They can lay up to seven eggs in a day. Averagely, a chicken lays a single egg on a daily basis. However, records say that above-average chickens do exist and they can lay up to seven eggs in a day. This is an average of an egg every three hours.

What Chicken Can Lay the Most Eggs?

A white leghorn laid well more than 300 eggs in a year. Still, on the laying statistic, records prove that the highest ever number to be witnessed was 371. The leghorn chicken is the current record holder with over 300 eggs in a year.

What is the Record Number of Eggs Laid by One Chicken in One Day?

The record number of eggs laid in one day, by one hen is seven.

How Much Does it Cost to Lay A Dozen Eggs?

For a chicken to lay a dozen eggs, it has to eat four pounds of feed. The cost to produce in mass quantity is significantly less than what it cost to produce a dozen backyard eggs.

How Long Do Hens Lay Eggs?

Chickens lay larger and fewer eggs as they age. Still, on laying eggs, chickens are also affected by age as human beings. As they grow older, their reproduction is altered and can put only a few eggs than they used to produce earlier.

What is the World Record for the Largest Number of Yolks Found in One Egg?

The world record for most yolks in one egg is 5, however, it’s been reported that one hen laid an egg with 9 yolks in it. Talk about a big breakfast, that egg must have been huge!

eggs, yolks, breakfast

Can Chickens Tell Directions?

Chickens can use the sun to gauge the direction. It looks like these creatures aren’t that different from humans basing on this fact. To tell time, locate water and food, they use the sun, just like humans did before compasses came along.

Do Chickens Poop in Thier Sleep?

Chickens poop in their sleep. Chickens do sleep. And while doing so, they can poop. Healthy! Right. A chicken with low weight can excrete up to 120 pounds of droppings. Its heavier counterpart can drop up to 180 pounds in a year.

How Many Chickens Are Killed Every Second?

According to poultry data, over 100 chickens are killed every 0.05 seconds globally. In the US over 226 seconds are killed every second. Sad but true. These birds are very sweet. Adding to the fact that they are more nutritious than beef, and then you will be able to explain these staggering digits. On the brighter side, they remain to be three times more than the population of humans.

What Is Fear of Chickens Called?

Some people have a chicken phobia. At a young age, you probably feared chickens unaware of the danger they presented until when you grew up and noticed that they don’t actually give any hazard to you. Regardless, some people exhibit a striking fear for chicken. Such phobia is called Alektorophobia.

Can Chickens Feel Pain?

Chickens can feel pain. Chickens have pain receptors so they can feel pain. These domestic birds can feel pain when pinched or struck. They have pain receptors even in their beaks, and can even feel stressed.

What is the Most Expensive Chicken in The World?

Indonesia hosts the most expensive chicken breed. The rarest kind of chicken is found in Indonesia. This bird is peculiar in that it has every inch of its body is black. The colour is due to hyperpigmentation which makes its organs also black. If you wanted this breed of chicken, prepare to cough an upwards of $2,500.

What is Tidbitting, and Why Do Roosters Do It?

Roosters perform tidbitting to woe mates. You can serenade, roosters can tidbit. Tidbitting is a mating dance that roosters perform. They move their heads in a vertical motion as they drop and pick pieces of food. Roosters tidbit in hopes of attracting a mate.

A Rooster Tidbitting Video

Can Chickens Recognize Faces?

Chickens can tell different faces. Chickens are smart after all, and they can distinguish different looks as well as single out their owner. Chickens can recognize up to 100 different faces! They can as well tell different types of animals. Try putting a dog and a sheep in front of it and see who it will run from.

How to Tell When Hens Will Lay?

You can tell when a hen will lay soon by looking at their combs. Hen’s combs grow bigger whenever they are about to lay.

How Fast Can Chickens Run?

Chicken can run about 6 mph (9kmph) While you can run faster than a chicken when faced with imminent danger, a chicken can run up to 9 mph (14 mph). Chickens, however, only run at those speeds in short bursts.

Their agility is at another level. Have you tried to run after your chicken? This bird is very flexible. It can slip through your arms and squeeze into tiny spaces as it flees. Such instincts help it to escape apparent danger.

Can Chickens Poop While Laying Eggs?

Their reproductive, digestive, and excretory systems have convergence at the cloaca. This is a scientific fact that you may have thought existed. Well, it is true. However, just as you cannot breathe while swallowing, hens cannot poop while laying.

How Long Can Chickens Live?

Chickens can live for eight to ten years. An average chicken can live for up to 10 years. However, a Red Quill Muffed American Game who was named Muffy lived for 22 years.

Do Mother Hens Teach Their Babies?

Mother chickens teach their chicks. How else would a chick know what to eat and what to avoid? Hens appear to give excellent lessons to their offspring.

A Mushroom That Taste Like Chicken?

Chicken mushroom tastes like chicken. Laetipororus is a wild mushroom that is said to contain the same taste as a chicken. It is also known as a chicken fungus.

Where Are There No Chickens?

There are no chickens in Vatican city and Antarctica. These two places remain to be the only places on earth that don’t have chicken. Antarctica is very cold and cannot support life leave alone chicken. However, the reason behind the lack of these birds in Vatican city is, well you know it is the holy city, right?

How Loud Can a Rooster Crow?

Roosters can crow up to 140 dB. This, according to sound experts, is enough to damage your eardrum when you dangerously keep close for long. However, somehow roosters do not need hearing aids after being the sources of this sound. This, according to scientists, is due to the mechanism of opening the mouth. This results in closure of 50% of the ear, hence protecting the inner tissues of the organ.

Do Roosters Have a Penis?

Roosters do not have penises. They fertilize their females by inverting their cloaca and pressing it against the hen’s cloaca. Proof hasn’t yet been located to explain why the slang for the penis is the name of that creature that does not enjoy the luxury of having one.

How Can You Tell if An Egg is Fresh?

A fresh egg has a cloudy white. The easiest way to know that the egg you are holding is fresh, look through it against the light. If the white part is cloudy, then you have a fresh egg.

Another way to check the freshness of an egg is the egg float test.

How to tell if an egg is going bad. Egg float test.
Egg Float Test

Do Chickens Like to Play?

Chickens love to play. Just like any other animal, chickens love to play. One of these is shown when they bathe in the sand. 

Is Fried Chicken Illegal?

It is illegal to eat fried chicken with anything else other than bare hands in Gainesville, Georgia. To promote their infant chicken farming, residents of the city of Gainesville, Georgia passed an arbitration barring anyone from eating fried chicken using any other thing other than bare hands. There you have it; there is an ordinance somewhere on earth (Gainesville, Georgia) that curtails your freedom of “eating”.

How Many Feathers Does a Chicken Have?

Chickens have an average of 8,000 feathers. You already know that the bird has feathers. What you did not know is how many. Well, someone decided to count all of them from a healthy hen (without stress) and found 8,325 feathers of a mature Plymouth Rock.

Do Chickens Molt?

Chickens undergo molting. While molting was reserved for insects since they have ecdysone, it turns out chicks also undergo the growth ritual. They molt three times before they attain maturity.

Are Chickens Considered Livestock?

Chickens in the United States are not classified as livestock. In fact, they are not even animals. Feel free to find out why, but they are loved for their white meat and eggs.

Are Chickens Are The Most Popular Bird?

Chickens are arguably the most popular birds globally. Turns of chicken meat get to be transported across many borders than any other bird. Their eggs have many applications. One peculiar use is that it is used in the Vatican (a city without sight of chicken) as a paint ingredient. 

Why is there so much water when I cook chicken?

A chicken is 75% water, this would explain why so much water is released when you cook a chicken.

A Chicken Has A Cousin

Do you know the red jungle fowl? Chickens are their cousins. Interesting right! Now grab your seat and follow through the next segment to discover a couple of facts and enhance your arguments the next time someone tells you that you can’t compare in this department. Therefore, apart from the fact that chicken has feathers and two feet, and also eat using a beak, what else characterizes this creature that you don’t know?





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